Quality Repairs to Dog-Damaged Furniture

Dogs naturally get bored when left alone, and that's when they tend to start scratching, chewing and tearing your precious furniture.

Damage can range from mild scratches and small tears to whole sections of fabric or leather being ripped away.

If you have dog-damaged furniture, you may not need to replace it - we can usually repair your furniture for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

With a number of upholstery techniques available, we guarantee at least a 99% match with your original covering.

We can repair all types of furniture damaged by a dog, from antique to modern.

All kinds of covering can be restored to an extremely high standard, whether the covering is leather or fabric.

We bring to this work the same level of craftsmanship we apply to all our upholstery - an expertise that's applauded by our happy customers.

Quality Repairs to Dog-Damaged Furniture

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