Give Your Furniture a New Lease of Life

with Complete Re-Upholstery

Whether it’s a classic antique piece, a well-loved family heirloom, a vintage bargain or furniture for public areas such as offices, schools and cafes, Complete Re-Upholstery can bring your furniture back to life and give your interior design an exciting makeover.

But you’ll get more than just a great new look. Our skilled workmanship and individualised attention ensure your furniture feels as great to sit on as it looks.

We specialise in all types of furniture repairs, from simple re-covering to complete restoration. We can rejuvenate:

  • Lounge Suites,
  • Sofa Beds & Couches,
  • Recliners,
  • Loose Cushions,
  • Dining & Kitchen Chairs,
  • Ottomans,
  • Bedheads,
  • Antique Furniture,
  • Office & Commercial Furniture.
  • The Personal Touch

    At Complete Re-Upholstery we craft your old furniture to reflect your tastes and moods, and to fit the style you're aiming to achieve. You can specify the changes you'd like us to make in order to achieve the look and feel you want. Building and restoring your furniture is a team effort between our
  • Commitment to Quality

    We refuse to compromise on quality and comfort. We use only the highest quality materials and fabrics so your newly restored furniture is built to last. We believe that finishing touches are important and attention to detail is a hallmark of our work. We won't be satisfied unless you are!

Free No-Obligation Quote

If you are looking for a reliable re-upholstering company, whether you need to repair furniture, update your office, please call us on 0433 674 496, send us an e-mail or fill in our online form.