Leather Re-upholstery that Transforms Your Decor

Lovers of leather furniture appreciate its distinctive look and sumptuous feel.

Perhaps you want to restore your leather furniture to its original look, be it a leather lounge suite, set of chairs or an individual piece.

Or you might want to give a fabric-covered lounge suite, chair or couch a modern appearance with a stunning leather makeover.

Whatever your needs in leather re-upholstery, Complete Re-upholstery are the people to see.

At Complete Re-upholstery, we specialise in all kinds of leather re-upholstery.

We can re-upholster almost any style of leather furniture. Ask about the wide range of colours and styles of leather we have available.

We also specialise in Leather Furniture Repair including repairing rips, tears, burns, holes, cuts and scratches in leather.

Our experienced re-upholsterers will consult with you before any work is done. They’ll help you decide if re-upholstery is the right option for your leather furniture and if so, the kind of upholstery your furniture needs.

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